2018 Lenten Services


Wednesdays – 11:00 AM - Worship Service
12:00 PM - Senior Center Lunch
5:00 PM - Soup Supper 
6:30 PM - Worship Service

Questioned for Christ
Each service in the series focuses on figures from the story of the Passion of Christ who are questioned concerning their relationship to Jesus Christ.

Ash Wednesday - February 14 - “A Question of Cost” includes a police interrogation of the “money men” in the story of Christ—Zacchaeus, Matthew and Judas. “What is the cost of following Christ?”

February 21 “A Question of Priorities” includes a police interrogation of Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus. “What priority do we give Christ in our lives?”

February 28 “A Question of Conviction” includes a police interrogation of Nicodemus, the Phariseewho secretly conversed with Jesus by cover of night. “What are your convictions about Christ?”

March 7 “A Question of Innocence” includes a police interrogation of Mary Magdalene and another witness, who are accused of many things, but ultimately set free. “How are we declared innocent through Christ?”

March 14 “A Question of Sacrifice” includes a police interrogation of Barabbas, a criminal who was released by Pilate and replaced by Jesus. “How much did Christ sacrifice for us?”

March 21 “A Question of Authority” includes a police interrogation of John, the beloved disciple of Christ. “How does the ultimate authority of Christ affect our daily lives?”


Welcome to First English

Welcome to First English Lutheran Church of Oshkosh - Christ's church! This is a place to feel warm, welcome and invited. Our doors are open for families, couples, adults, young or old. If you're looking for a church family this is a great place to find your sense of belonging.

First English is an ELCA Church. As such, we are the church that shares a living, daring confidence in God's grace. We are liberated by our faith. We will embrace you as a whole person. Feel free to bring your questions, and your complexities. Everyone is welcome to join us as we bring faith alive by fulfilling God's Mission in the name of Jesus Christ.

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First English Lutheran Church
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