1st Tues  6:30pm  1602 Thornton Dr., Oshkosh
Provides faith-growing opportunities for all ages e.g. Cradle Roll, 1st Communion Instruction, Good Friday Family Worship, Vacation Bible School, Confirmation Celebration, Bible Studies, Adult Seminars, Inspirational Card Rack
Contacts: Jerri Schmidt 426-8611

Music & Worship
Meet as Needed  7:00pm  Pastor Tim’s Office
Focuses on music & worship questions and suggestions, decorates the sanctuary for festival church services
Contacts: Konrads 233-2609, Pastor Greenwald 361-1261

Outreach Team
1st Tues  12 Noon  Lunch in Church Kitchen
Focuses on news of First English and its programs with the community, makes/distributes Jefferson School Christmas Bags, hosts a bread-baking fund raiser, sponsors the Transportation Fund
Contacts: Nancy Konrad 233-2609, Jim Stapel 233-2180

Property & Improvement
3rd Tues  7:00pm  Mary Martha Room
Evaluates facility, plans for repairs, seeks bids, presents plan to council, campaigns for funds, implements repairs
Contacts: Fred Luebke 233-1959

Public Relations
Sundays as needed 7:30am Pastor Marty’s Office
Hosts welcome receptions and receptions to recognize church milestones, assists with annual meeting potluck
Contacts: Pastor Marty 450-1473
Lisa Celichowski 279-7026

Social Concerns
Many annual/special projects are now sponsored by the committees, organizations, boards, or short-term task forces.

2nd Tues  6:00pm  Pastor Tim’s Office
Establishes yearly congregational budget & vision, conducts stewardship program with pastoral staff
Contacts: Jim Stapel 233-2180, Tim Cornell 740-5338

Sunday School
3rd Tues   6:30pm  Sunday School Office
Plans/implements seasonal programs that supplement the Bible lessons e.g. Parent Appreciation Day, LWR school kits, annual mission project, children’s Christmas service
Contacts: Sharon Roeske 426-8546

Interested men, women, youth are scheduled for Sundays, Confirmation, Lenten Wednesdays, Christmas & Easter. Volunteers serve Saturdays at 5:00pm, Sundays at 8:00am and for seasonal midweek services at 11:00am and 6:30pm.
Contact: Mark Boettcher 231-7829

2nd Sun  2:30pm  Auditorium
Ensures direction of youth ministry as beneficial and productive, establishes policies, reviews youth financial records, plans/implements youth Bible studies, activities, fund raisers.
Contacts: Jim Hollnagel, 410-7957, Karl Kessler, 912-663-5123

Contact Info

First English Lutheran Church
1013 Minnesota Street, 

Oshkosh WI 54902 920-231-9890

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