The Spirit is at Work!

One day Al and his family were sitting in church. They had not expected much that morning. The pastor was soft-spoken and meek. He never said anything very clearly, but everybody liked him. This particular Sunday was different. The pastor stood up and preached a powerful sermon on racial equality. This was during the sixties, in the South, in a white, middle and upper class congregation. People sat transfixed as the preacher laid his career on the line, perhaps even laid his life on the line.

“The day is coming,” he said, “when all God’s children, white and black, will join hands in worship and service. And that day is upon us.”

The congregation left in shock. People couldn’t understand how their mild, housebroken preacher could suddenly have been filled with such fire. On the way home, it occurred to Al what had happened. “Kids,” he said, “remember how sometimes I go up to my study to write about the Holy Spirit?”

One of the children said, “Yeah, but Daddy, what’s the Holy Spirit all about?”

Al said, “We got a good picture today, in church.”

Have you ever wondered how the Holy Spirit works in each of us? I have been praying for the Holy Spirit to move this Church. I believe God has been answering this prayer. When the Spirit is at work, people are involved. That is happening more and more. When the Spirit is at work, we are moved to do ministry outside our comfort zone, outside of the box so to say. When the Spirit is at work, because we are being moved outside our comfort zone and we are being challenged, not everything happens as orderly or smooth as we would like, but things happen. When the Spirit is at work, we see many exciting challenges to deal with. When the Spirit is at work, members are talking about what is going on and visitors are consistently coming to worship. When the Spirit is at work, like in the story above, we are challenged in our way of thinking.

Thank God for the work of the Holy Spirit! The Spirit is here!

Pastor Tim

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First English Lutheran Church
1013 Minnesota Street, 

Oshkosh WI 54902 920-231-9890

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