Prayer Changes Things

A woman bought a piece of needlework at a craft fair. On it was stitched these words, "Prayer Changes Things." Proud of the handiwork, she hung it up above the fireplace in the family room. Several days later she noticed that it was missing. She asked her husband if he knew what had happened to it. "I removed it," he replied. "Don't you believe that prayer changes things?" she asked, mystified. He respond-ed, "Yes, I do. I believe in prayer. In fact, I believe that it changes things. I just don't happen to like change, and so I took it down."

Some people don't like change. And the principle thing most people don't like to change is themselves. How many people caught in a troubled marriage refuse to seek counselling? They would rather lose a good marriage than change. How many people caught in the cycle of chemical abuse feel desperate about their lives? Still, they won't seek help because it might require change. How many people, unhappy with their lot in life, try frantically to find happiness? But they won't take the one step necessary to change themselves.

CHANGE IS DIFFICULT, BUT IT IS POSSIBLE. St. Paul is the best evidence of that. He had been a fierce persecutor of the Christian community. Suddenly, he became its most eloquent spokesperson. His story has been repeated millions of times throughout history. People can and do change. However, there is usually a progression. 

FIRST, WE MUST WANT TO CHANGE. We change when it is too painful to remain as we are. 

SECOND, WE CAN CHANGE IF WE HAVE A VISION OF SOMETHING BETTER THAT WE MAY ASPIRE TO. Flip Wilson used to say, "What you see is what you get." Modern research into human behavior says that is true. 

We can change if we want to. We can change if we have a mental image of the kind of person God created us to be. MOST OF ALL, THOUGH, CHANGE COMES WHEN WE SURRENDER OUR WILL TO GOD. 

I am expecting changes to be happening this year. It has too. Pastor Marty is retired, Bret has moved to another church. All this means staffing changes and I am looking forward to what these changes will be. Maybe we should hang a sign up to remind us that “Prayer Changes Things! I know I have been praying for First English and I hope you are too. God is at work here. Let us all embrace where He is leading us!!!! 

Pastor Tim

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First English Lutheran Church
1013 Minnesota Street, 

Oshkosh WI 54902 920-231-9890

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