Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Marked with the cross of Christ forever, we are claimed, gathered and sent for the sake of the world. This is the mission statement of the ELCA. As members of the ELCA, we believe that we are freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. With our hands, we do God’s work of restoring and reconciling communities in Jesus’ name throughout the world.

East Central Synod of Wisconsin - ELCA
The East Central Synod of Wisconsin of the ELCA is made up of 126 congregations and 97,000 baptized members serving in East Central Wisconsin.
The Synod is led by Bishop who oversees the ministry of the pastors and the congregations. The Bishop carries out the work of the Synod along with the Synod Council, Synod staff and the committees of the Synod. Together they seek to help congregations discern what God is up to in their context and communities. 

Lutheran Social Services
(LSS) offers a variety of services throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. With the help of over 1,100 employees, LSS provides services across a person’s lifespan, addressing a variety of conditions. Services are available for children and families, adults, older adults and persons with disabilities. Services are open to all, regardless of religious affiliation or background.

LSS conducts its ministry on behalf of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) congregations. Each year, LSS offers over 262 programs at over 196 sites in 115 communities throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.  LSS has an agency-wide office in Milwaukee and offices throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Crossways Camping Ministries
Crossways Camping Ministries brings people together in Christ so lives are changed and communities enhanced. One hundred and ninety Lutheran congregations support the Mission and Ministry of Crossways Camping Ministries. The three camps of Crossways boast high program quality and integrity, excellent and well maintained facilities, and professional and hospitable full-time staff.  These facilities provide programs for thousands of guests year-round.  Crossways operates Summer Youth & Family Camp at all three facilities in June, July and August. Summer Day Camps are held in member congregations led by Crossways summer staff that travel around the state leading servant and adventure based programs.  Groups also rent space for retreats and conferences every month of the year.

Crossways teaches all who come to one of the camps about stewardship of life, the creation we have been given, service to those not as fortunate as we are, and doing the work of God through sharing our resources.

Lutheran World Relief
Lutheran World Relief is a non-profit organization that works with local partners to provide lasting solutions to poverty, injustice and human suffering. Our staff and partners in the countries where we work know the local languages, traditions and customs necessary to provide appropriate solutions. And they have access to the knowledge and expertise of their colleagues in other countries around the world.

Long-Term Solutions to Poverty - Agriculture, Climate & Disaster Risk Reduction
Our goal is to improve the lives of millions of small-scale farmers and their families, and to help them adapt to and mitigate the effects of changing weather and environmental conditions.

Fair Trade
Fair Trade is a trading partnership that seeks greater equity in international trade. When you buy Fair Trade Coffee & Chocolate, more of the money you spend reaches the hands of the farmers and families who grew them. Fair Trade products assure that small-scale farmers have been given a fair and dependable price for their crops on the world market.
Farmers gain greater access to credit that helps in creating a more sustainable livelihood. Fair Trade also provides benefits to women, children and the greater community.

Thrivent Financial
We're more than financial services. We're a not-for-profit, membership organization of Christians – and we're starting a new conversation about money. We create financial strategies that help Christians be wise with money and live generously. We offer a broad range of financial products and services, including life insurance, annuities and mutual funds, plus tailored guidance from financial representatives nationwide. For more than a century, we've helped our member-owners show God's love to others by being good stewards of the gifts they've been given.

At Thrivent Financial, we think the numbers speak for themselves. We've consistently earned high ratings from independent insurance ratings analysts.1 And our capital position is among the strongest in the industry. This means we have the money to keep our promises. We see money as a tool, not a goal. Our unique approach to blending faith, finances and generosity helps our members thrive, but that's only part of our story. We also support programs that help build stronger families, churches and communities. You could call it a fresh way to think about money. We call it The Thrivent Way.

The Orphan Grain Train
In loving response to Christ, the Servant, the Orphan Grain Train movement encourages and enables God's people to share personal and material resources in bringing Christ's name and character to needy people both far and near. Sometimes that character expresses itself as a word well spoken, sometimes as a bandage well applied, and sometimes as a child well fed.

Orphan Grain Train is a 501c3 Nonprofit Christian volunteer network that shares personal and material resources with needy people in America and around the world. Grain Train volunteers gather donations of clothing, medical supplies, food, Christian literature, and other aid to meet real needs. The Orphan Grain Train movement is a loving response to Jesus Christ’s example as a servant and His love for us.  

Shoes for Orphan Souls is the largest humanitarian aid project of Buckner International, a global Christian ministry dedicated to making life better for orphans, vulnerable children and families since 1879.

New shoes provide health, education and hope. Learn more: 

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